Effective immediately, Kuvien is closing its doors. This is a service that we offered for free, out of our own pockets. One of our developers made a mistake, and the mistake was rectified, we announced the existence, and provided an audit trail showing that no data was actually leaked. The owner of another imaging hosting site decided that wasn't enough for him. His greed and desire to make money off of a service like this pushed him to leak private conversations of a 14 year old boy's mistakes, and drag that boy through the mud. Despite the mistakes someone might make, we still strongly believe in the privacy of both our users, our staff, and former staff. Our ownership team has provided this service entirely our of the goodness of our own hearts, and wallets, and to learn a bit along the way. The drama brought forth by one of our developers and the owner of the other site has created too much work for a project that we never expected to profit from.

We're very sorry to all of our users, but this has to happen. You may join our support server here: https://discord.gg/WHq7E85 and check the announcements for information on how to collect a backup of all of your data that we are currently holding. Thank you for understanding

- Kelwing & Jake